To preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God throughout the world, winning Souls for Christ and
train Believers how to live independent of this world's system.
Our Mission
Our Extended Mission Through These Five Ministries

Out Reach Ministry

To restore hope for people to become all  God intends them to be; partner with local churches to put
Christian faith into action through service for the community.

By providing a full range of charitable, educational, religious and community development activities.  
These activities help people and the communities they live in realize their God-given potential as
uniquely gifted individuals, in their family and community relationships, and in the relationship that
they can have with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Family Ministry

We believe that the well-being of all society is closely tied to the healthy state of the family life.
When Jesus began his public life he was with his mother and performed his first miracle, changing
water into wine, at the Wedding Feast at Cana. He responded to the needs of the family.

Married Ministry

To provide a support ministry to all married couples husbands and wives, seeking help in developing
healthy relational skills and in building spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy in their marriage.  
Strong, healthy marriages mean strong, healthy churches and communities!

Youth Ministry

Providing activities for the common good of the young people, sometimes without a religious agenda.  
As well as organizing events and activities, that will include some form of religious education and a
pastoral oversight of the young people.

Singles Ministry

Provides a comfortable atmosphere for singles to strengthen their relationships with the Lord and
develop meaningful relationships with each other. Through Bible studies, fellowships and service
projects, this ministry strives to share God's truth about life and how it relates to the relationships
and responsibilities of single adults.
Our Mission
"We decree the blessings
of the Lord upon you"
"Kingdom Building"
John 12:32
And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men
unto me.